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Louis Mandrin

Louis Mandrin, a famous bandit, was born in 1724 at St Etienne de St Geoirs. He was known for his smuggling raids at the head of his 50-strong gang he fought a real war against the Tax authorities with.

The legend goes that «beloved bandit» stole from the rich and gave to the poor.

Beavers' village

Beavers are real professionals in hydraulic works (dams) out standing woodcutters and builders, able to fell a 20 inch-wide tree, pencil-shaped, in a very short time and with an ½ inch precision !

Hautecombe Abbey

Hautecombe Abbey : 1139 – 1992.

«Topless swimming suits»  have swept away a 7 century-long monastery life...... Because some people don't care, the buoys forbidding to sail or land near the Abbey have been taken away, so noise and nudity can be said to have chased the poor monks living there and the many century-long vocationof the place has definitely vanished.

The monks then, moved away to Ganagobie further south in 1992.«Only silence is great» said A. Vigny a French poet

«Who doesn't know his past cannot fully enjoy his future»   

14th century

Unbelievable ! The Rhône river, 812 km long, 522 of which in France, has been the witness, and the actor, of a long and rich history : for example, the boats carrying salt were towed upstream by human strength.

Cycling from the Leman lake to the Mediterranean by cross bike  21st century

Cycling round the lake

Nut-oil mill

Visit of a nut-oil mill, the «devil's house», a bread oven, a coffee-roasting factory, a copper workshop, a painting gallery, …....

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